Tales From The Catskills

The Prize:
We're offering a grand prize of $1000 cash to the winner of the adult competition! 
$500 for the youth competition (15 and under)

How It Works:

The film must be made for the competition 

Make a short film that is 5 minutes max

Must be shot in the Catskills. Not the Hudson Valley or anywhere else.

Use any music you want. Could be The Beatles. Whatever,

Make the movie on your phone or on your camera. We do not care. 

Take the time and effort to make it good. 

Must include a title and credits

Filmmakers must buy their own tickets to the events.

Our competition will be two nights of films made by people just like you and me. Locals who want to showcase their art. Everyone in the audience will have a list of the films they will see, at the end of the night the audience will submit the votes using their personal playbill and we will tally the votes.  Most votes wins the popular vote. A panel of celebrity judges will vote for grand prize!

Whether you're a seasoned storyteller or taking your first steps into the world of filmmaking, our competition is the ideal platform to showcase your talent. We believe in the power of your creativity. So, grab your camera, put on your imagination cap, and join us on a journey that celebrates the magic of movies created by people like you.

Ready to make your mark? Submit your 5 minute short film and let your story unfold on the big screen. Welcome to Tales from the Catskills 2023!

$50 submission fee to be sent via Paypal to tinkerstreetcinema@gmail.com

Send files via Wetransfer to talesfromthecatskills@gmail.com