WANNA MAKE A MOVIE? NOW IS THE TIME! No big Hollywood hotshots or “Indie” studios to hold you back. Join the “Mountain Guerrilla Cinema Squad” and compete in our first annual “TALES FROM THE CATSKILLS” amateur film competition! November 5th 2022! $1000 cash prize to the winner. There will be an audience vote and a  panel of local celebrity judges.  This short film festival is about getting people creative and active in making their movie dreams come to life without the pressure of finances or locational circumstances getting in your way. Pick up your phone and call up your friends or your pets or whoever cuz you are making a movie!

You don’t have to submit a movie if you want to join the squad-  But if you want to win the prize you have join the squad and enter a movie.

Being part of the squad comes with perks: 

-You get a cool glow in the dark club membership card.

-Get invites for private club screenings and join the conversation on who are the top contenders for the grand prize.



Here’s the rules if you wanna submit your movie. 

  1. First you must join the Mountain Guerrilla Cinema Squad  
  2. Your movie must be filmed in or at least near the Catskills (Hudson Valley whatevs)
  3. Submit your short (no more than 15 minutes) film before the deadline 10/31/22
  4. No old projects. Projects must begin post August 3rd, 2022.
  5. Low-no budget (Keep in mind the grand prize is $1000)
  6. Use any audio you'd like. We will not reproduce or distribute these films. One night only!
  7. Make it on your smartphone or your old VHS recorder. We don’t care!
  8. Smartphone movies must be shot in “Landscape mode”
  9. Your movie must include an on screen title and credits 
  10. Be creative! Have fun!

Director notes: 

-Sharing cast and crew encouraged

-All movies will be screened for content and quality: only top 10 entries will compete for grand prize. 

-If your movie does not make the cut, it will be shown at a later date. 

-$1000 cash prize plus an award statue

-Each ticket gets you slips for voting on each category. There will be a panel of judges for the grand prize and there will be a popular vote counted from the audience slips.  

JOIN NOW by contacting mgcscatskills@gmail.com